The Black Woman's Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Femininity. HARD COPY. COIL BOUND

The Black Woman's Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Femininity. HARD COPY. COIL BOUND

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Coil bound version perfect for note taking and study.

Femininity, a birth right taken from so many women around the world. There are certain keys to balance, order, and functionality in life, family is the foundation of that. How do we have peace within ourselves and our families without proper feminine and masculine roles being performed? It is time for a change. We deserve to be feminine. 


This book is for the woman that desires to embrace the power of their feminine grace. It is never too late. Any woman can always upgrade whenever they so choose. If you have grown weary of the constant fight and disruption to your spirit that being thrown into masculinity has caused you, this book will change your life. 


As black women, we have plenty of people commending us about being strong, and carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Praising us as we work and be the mothers to the world with nothing in return. We have been going about many things inefficiently, let us change the concourse. Many of us will be the ones to break generational curses in our families. Curses from abuse, single motherhood, rape, neglect, and abandonment.

I broke a generational curse in my family. It was painful and lonely, but I persevered and the outcome, the peace and understanding, the growth all made it worth it. I am sharing with you how I did it, and how you can also gain peace and healing, upgrade, and reclaim your femininity too.


 This book is pocket size (about the height of a cup of coffee), and easy to carry with you anywhere.

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